About the Project

We are a team of researchers and engineers who believe that technology must help people live a better and healthy life.

Odry is a product of the joining forces of neurobiology team and machine learning specialists, which is aimed to make early diagnostics of the social disorders available for parents and children all around the globe.


Sergiy Danylov, Founder,

Chief Scientific Officer

Anna Solovyova, Founder,

Chief Development Officer

Sergey Trachenko, Chief

Communication Officer

Kateryna Piddubna,

Product Manager

Rostyslav Bohomaz, Head of

AI Lab, Head of Development

Aleksandr Kravchenko,

Data Scientist


Kyiv, Antonivicha 3b

+380 (97) 903-23-74

Munich, Leopoldstrasse 8


Let us know if you will have any questions or proposals about our platform, we are opened for dialogue and will be happy to make our solution more friendly for users.

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